Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bailey & Love's Short Practice of Surgery

Bailey & Love is used by thousands of students all around the world and is regarded as a classic textbook. Its ongoing popularity is due to the following factors:
Frequent revisions in the text which keep it up-to-date.
The experienced team of editors are recognised for their skills in teaching and communication
Emphasis on effective clinical examination and soundly based surgical principles that have a proven evidence-based background
Production in close co-operation with the Examining Boards of the Royal Colleges
These features together with the traditional biographical footnotes, memorable anecdotes, historical vignettes and photographs all combine to make Bailey & Love a unique textbook.
Bailey & Love's high standing and reputation for clear advice makes it the first point of reference for many undergraduate and postgraduate students. The book’s comprehensive coverage has also made it a key resource for an increasing number of practising surgeons.

Download Full Textbook here:
(Password of rar file- Medistu)

Download pdb format for Palm Reader Here

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