Thursday, April 28, 2011

CIMS India

Current Index of Medical Specialities (CIMS) and Monthly Index of Medical Specialities (MIMS) are two of India's major and best drug information resources for practising physicians and pharmacists.
They are also useful for students of Phamacology (of 2nd year MBBS too) and well as pharmacologists and B.Pharmacy students too. It would also help nurses and nursing students to know the details of all the medicines that they are asked to give to the patients. Though not officially required, patients also would find it useful to have full knowledge about the drugs that they are prescribed.
The following eBook of CIMS India contains details about 865 medical drugs - indications and usual dosage, adverse reactions (side effects), precautions, whether to take before, with or after food, drugs interactons with other medicines and with alcohol or certain foodstuff.
There are also details about how overdosage and toxicity of the drugs are treated. There is also a list of the common brands available in india for each generic drug.
This eBook is of August 2010 and many more changes would have taken places each quarter in the official CIMS eBook. Also there is no guarantee for the veracity of information in this pdb Book. There might be mistakes. If you find mistakes, please leave a comment and they might be corrected in the next release of this very useful eBook.
UPDATED 2nd release. Version 1.010 (August 28th 2010) [2.73 mb .pdb format for Palm/iSilo for Nokia/iPhone/Android/Windows Mobile/Desktop]

Download Link:

You can open the ebook using
Islo, Plucker or yBook

Credits: CIMS India

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